Latest Tea Party Tax Reform News

Latest Tea Party Tax Reform News

Carlson: Run, Jim, Run
Mike Crapo, supporting the package in the national interest and separating out the tea party fanatics. Your second issue is to support tax reform and demonstrate it with easy to understand examples how the middle class is subsidizing the upper one …
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Mitch McConnell 'perplexed' by President Obama
Tea party fumes over campaign finance plan … But he said his party will not pay a “trillion dollar ransom” in new revenues for tax reform and urged the crowd filled with powerful executives to lobby the White House to support a more “competitive” tax …
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Portman for vice president
The low-key Ohio Republican is fresh off playing a pivotal role in the GOP's Senate takeover; he's traveled to early states Iowa and New Hampshire; and party insiders and fundraisers can't speak highly enough of him. His résumé goes on and on: former …
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