Latest Tea Party Tax Reform News

Latest Tea Party Tax Reform News

Will the changing of the guard really end the gridlock in Washington?
You don't have to look at the tea leaves to understand what happened. … LEE ZELDIN, REPRESENTATIVE-ELECT: I want to see any type of progress in reforming our tax code and improving our energy policy or our health care policy. Wherever we can find …
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Republican Moderates And Tea Partiers Are Already Squabbling
The conversation was about the challenges of power, about achieving real progress on issues like tax reform and entitlements. “We know that we have to get to work doing the governing piece. Our party ultimately will be measured by how we govern,” said …
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11 to Watch: Meet the New Crop of Tea Party Conservatives in Congress
The incoming wave of Republicans who will shake up Washington's political landscape includes some tea party candidates who promise to promote an agenda based on conservative principles such as limited government, traditional American values and a …
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